We, at Neuestan Industries cater to various industries such as Glass, Automobile and Engineering. We are committed to supply the quality product within given schedule and tolerances.

Some of our products are,

Glass Moulds, Plungers, Neckrings, Blow Heads, Plunger Coolers, Guide Plates, Baffles, Bottom Plates, Distributor Plates, Funnels, Bottom Plates, Thimbles, Metallized Blow Mould /Blow blanks, Metalized/non metalized Neck Rings and Guide Plates etc.

Shafts, Steering Knuckle, Axle, Bearing Housing, Crank Shafts, Propeller Shaft, Yoke Shaft, Differential Case, Pistons, Gear Blanking, Brake Drums, Hubs, Pinion etc.

Pistons, Sleeves, Casings, Bearing Housings, Shafts, Sleeves, Cylinders, Valve Cases etc.

Piercing Plugs, Sleeves.

Various types of products like contactor, Bus Bar.

Retainers, API Coupling, Cylinders, Valve Case, Sleeves, Shafts, Bushings, Pistons, Plungers, Guide Valves, Flanges etc

Pins, Metals Buttons, Contactors, Various Blocks, Handles, Stoppers, Mountings, Various Housings, Bus Bars, Nozzles, Small Machined Parts, Assemblies, Clamps, Tensioners, Hinges, Trip Catch, Various Shafts, Assembly for Earth Contact, Bolts and specialized Fasteners etc.

We have service centre under the guidance of L & T Eutectic Ltd’s engineers for maintenance of the process, manufacturing machinery, which predominantly includes metallizing of different kind of metal powders. This work includes theoretical knowledge of metal properties and mechanical design aspects. We undertake reconditioning of big machines, shafts, turbine parts, etc.