Our machine tool department includes CNC machines. These machines are designed to turn and mill very small diameters as well as very long parts such as shafts. Machines are equipped with live toolings, which enables us to machine complex parts very efficiently.

Our machines are some of the most accurate in the industry. The exact accuracy helps us to ensure a controlled process. It has resolution of 1 micron with repeatability of 5 micron.

We have number of machinery such as

1. 3D Co-ordinate Measuring Machine Make Fratelli Rotondi, Italy.
Capacity 500mm X 600 mm X 400 mm with Resolution of 0.0005 mm.
2. Electronic Digital Height Measuring Instrument with built in Microprocessor.
2 D measurement with re-chargeable battery. Resolution : 0.001mm / 0.00005",
Repeatability : + 2s = < 2 micron Measuring accuracy : 3 micron
3. CNC Turn-Mill Centers
4. CNC Turning Centers
5. Vertical Machining Centers
6. Universal Milling Machines with Programmable DRO
7. Various Sizes and types of Lathes and Milling Machines
8. Various Sizes of Radial Drilling and Drilling Machines
9. Various Grinding Machines
10. Metallizing Facility
11. Press up to 150 T with CO2 Welding Facility.
12. Facilities for Various Assemblies
13. Pressure Die Casting Machine

We have all inspection instruments of make Mititoyo, Japan and duly calibrated.

Our specialities include the following,

1. Precision turning upto 420 mm swingover dia., 250mm turning Dia. and length of 1000mm with accuracy of 5 micron.
2. 1200 X 700 mm CNC milling capacity.
3. Jigs, fixtures are indigenously developed by us to suit our operations.
4. Special designing facility available in-house to inhance the quality.

Metallizing Facility (Thermal Spraying)

To cater to the glass industry metallized product we have metallizing torches, Ewac, USA Make, the best in the industry. These torches help us in supplying various metallized components such as glass moulds, plungers, neckrings, guide plates, etc,

Metallizing is also widely used in maintenance engineering where it is possible to enhance the properties of metallized job than the original one by using appropriate powders.